Habits you need to let go of now!

I know, another “5 things you need to “insert here” NOW! post… I am sorry, but I HAD to write this one for my own self-gratification. I have been seeing a lot of traits come up with the clients that I am working with and I wanted to address them on a very public level. Everyone is facing issues right now, and it is important that you know it’s ok to break through the fears and habits. So move the hell on!

Alas. here are my 7 habits you need to let go of NOW!

Self Doubt

Self-doubt is such confidence killer and momentum buster. My clients and potential clients tell me how they feel they are “not ready” or think they are “not good enough”. Which is such Bulls**t! The truth is that someone in their life made a comment that they were not ready or not good enough which has stayed with that person their entire life. Now when that person wants to make a new company, build something great, or go after that new job they feel unworthy.

So here is what I have to say to that, go fucking do it! Stop sitting around wishing or hoping. Make your dreams come true. You have unlimited potential to do whatever you want, event if your past your 80’s. (Go read my Coach Alba story). The only thing that is holding you back is that damn monkey brain of yours.

Fear of Failure

Ah, good ol’ failure… This one gets even the best of us. It ties into the self-doubt, but how much are you holding back because of the fact you are afraid to succeed… Here is a piece of advice…

If you are going to try something for the first time, most likely you are going to fail. HARD! and that’s ok, because it’s learning how to get back up and try again that matters.

Sing it with me, “let it go, let it go!” Your welcome now you have that song stuck in your head all day…

Shitty sleep

Are you still only getting four or five hours of sleep? If so you need to cut that out immediately. Sleep is your best friend, know sleep well! Sleep anywhere from 7 to 9 hours a night, why? because YOU NEED TO! Your brain doesn’t function with lack of sleep.

If you a night owl, that’s fine! Wake up later and build a life around the fact that you need your beauty sleep. The more sleep, and better quality of sleep you get, the more focused you will become.

Eating food that is horrible for you

Stop the junk food! Stop the sweets, and for god sake leave the Mystery meat in the Jack-in-the-box tacos ALONE! That kind of food is KILLING you. If you want to be the best version of YOU, you need to eat the right way so that you can function, feel the high energy, and not have a gut bomb every day.

Trust me I love me my Oreo cookies too, but I also know if I want to feel at the top of my game, its Bullet Proof Coffee for me, and a banana.

If you have to ask if it is healthy for you, the answer is most likely no it’s not!

Drinking Soda

Please, just stop… Soda is bad. It is nasty. It destroys your internal organs. It clear pennies for christ sake! Just stop drinking it!


Get it out into the world! Your book, your blog, that video, your idea… JUST GO DO IT! I know it’s “not ready” but it never will be. Go make a difference, fail a few times, and make changes and upgrades. Being a perfectionist is just a way for you to stall. Take imperfect action, and give it a shot.

Keeping up with the Jones’s

This is a KILLER! You will never be as good as “Bob” or “Jane”. They will have everything you want, and the day you have that thing they have, they might have a new thing. It’s ok, you have you. Be happy with YOU and with what YOU have. By the way, if what you want is materialistic then we need to have a deeper look at your priorities in life and you need to have a coaching call with me ASAP! Let go of someone else’s dream, live yours, and make epic shit.


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