Hi, Im Adam and I am an alcoholic…

“Hi, Adam!”

A month ago I walked into an AA meeting because a friend invited me after finding out I was already 30 days sober.

Fear. Anger. Disbelief. Sadness. Every feeling in the whole goddamn world ran through my body. I hated that I was in that meeting. That I had let myself get to a point that others thought I was in the right place. Why did I hit rock bottom? Well, what I learned was that it wasn’t rock bottom. Shit could have gotten worse, but I walked in at a time that I needed it.

Since I turned 21, I drank pretty much every day. On an average night I would have at least eight Jack and Cokes. Maybe more… Follow that with some shots, and maybe a glass of wine over lunch. I was a “social alcoholic”.

Over the past few years, from forgetting meetings, not remembering people I had meetings with, or being so fucked up at Christmas my cousin had to help me go to the bathroom, I was just a fucking mess. It was time for a change.

So, I did.

I started with not drinking, then smoking, then cleaning up the messes I had created. I started reading more, and now on to writing.

I found an accountability partner to help me focused on my health, and made the change. I went to AA once, to prove to myself I didn’t need it. That I could rely on myself, and push through. The truth is I did not need AA, I need a kick in the ass to stop and find my own happiness. I needed to be at peace with who I am.

I had to forgive myself for what ever story I created about myself. I had to move on.

It has been 86 days since my last drink. I don’t miss it much, I want a glass of wine every now and then… but my health, my workouts, and my business mean more to me than Jack.

The cleanup is not over, it has just started. Repairs need to be made and it is just the start of a new journey. I am excited about it and ready for it to happen.

Thanks for reading my first post. I wanted to start with something true to who I am. I will be writing more about coaching, life, and inspiration I find around me. If you want to see me follow me here on Medium or on Twitter.

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Adam Cortez is a strategist and systems creator for both business owners and leaders ready to take control of their lives. He has dedicated his business to supporting and creating powerful changes in his clients’ lives so they have the time and energy they need to be the badasses leader they are capable of.

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