I want you to meet Coach Alba, my spirit animal

Last weekend while working a three-day coaching event in San Jose, I meet an older woman (She was in her mid-70’s) who walked with a walker and had the spirit and dancing skills of a 20 something-year-old. Every morning she was the first person I opened the doors for to let her walk in — before the stampede of people came trampling in.

This amazing woman brought warmth, a positive attitude, and bright energy to every person she interacted with over the course of those three days she attended. She was the loving grandmother that every person in the room wants and need in our lives. Here is just a bit of what she taught me.

Smiling at someone can change their entire day

I wish I took a picture with Coach Alba (She wore a bright red hat that said Coach Alba on it, every day) because her smile could light up a room. Every day she would come up to me at the front of the door with her walker, would give me a great big smile, ask me how my morning was going and do a dance with me while we got the rest of the group excited to walk through the doors.

Alba helped me change the mood of the room, she created lightheartedness and safeness that spread through the atmosphere. It was magical to watch. She was the grandmother in the room that everyone was able to relate with.

She brought my spirits up every time I saw her, and her happy go lucky attitude was just magically uplifting.

Music and dance is universal language of happiness

I think most of the world knows that music is magical in its own ways. It helps create ranges of moods, develop feelings, and have lasting memories that attached to each song. Well, I saw nothing but happiness from Alba when the music blasted in the room. She would jiggle and dance all over the conference room floor. Here love for the movement was infectious. She could be spotted moving and grooving, from the front of the room getting down with her bad self.

It’s the little things in life that make us happy and bring us joy, dancing is definitely Coach Alba’s joy!

Age is just a number, the gratitude and love you express tells your true age

Coach Alba may have been older, may have been walking with assistance, but she had a heart of gold and the spirit of a 20-year-old. Her soul spilled over to everyone in the room that weekend (even the bitter people that were being confronted by their own fears). I know so many people that are in the late 50’s or 60’s that have the body, mind, and spirit of someone that is dying. They moan and groan that their lives never went the way they wanted. The pain in their body is too much for them to handle (because they never embraced movement).

I think we all NEED to embrace the movement, show love and compassion, and danced and smiled just a little more. If we did those three things the world would be a better place. With love being the currency, age would just be the level of experience you have had in the world.

So how do you plan on showing love, sharing your light, or shaking your booty just a little more? Trust me it will change your life!

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Adam Cortez is a strategist and systems creator for both business owners and leaders ready to take control of their lives. He has dedicated his business to supporting and creating powerful changes in his clients’ lives so they have the time and energy they need to be the badasses leader they are capable of.

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