Taking the First Step

Have you written that blog yet or started that business idea? Are you sitting on a goldmine, yet are so damn scared to take a leap of faith and believing in yourself? Most people are afraid to take a leap. They will sit in their comfortable spot in the world ignorant that life could be better. The blinders are on and nothing new happens.

“The first principle is to not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.” — Richard Feynman

It is time to stop fooling yourself and telling yourself that it’s too hard to change. That building something new is too late in the game for you. The truth is we can always reinvent ourselves, it just takes YOU taking the first step.

When we work with our clients one of the questions we ask them is “What is the next ONE thing you can do, that will make everything else not matter?”. They will sit there for a few minutes to ponder, then they will give us a surface level answer, then after another minute or two, they have it! They wrestled with the tough hard to do item in their head.

Answering that question is tough because it means you have to cut through all the bullshit you tell yourself you “have to do” and really get the thing done that you have been avoiding.

Stop the B.S. figure out your next step, and make your leap. You could be living the dream that you always wanted, or you can stay stuck exactly where you are now. It’s your choice…

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