Adam David Long
Apr 11 · 1 min read

Thanks this is very helpful. Especially appreciate your discussion of how the format of the document and the format of the meeting work together, e.g. make sure to be liberal with using numbers as labels in order to facilitate the discussion.

Also the structured process for the meeting makes sense. Curious about a few things

  1. how to get people to “play fair” with the idea that they can ask clarifying questions during the “walk through the document” part but not abuse that and hijack the debate
  2. At the moment I work mostly on solo projects but interested to use this “writing to clarify” to help myself think through projects. obviously the purpose of this — very helpful — piece was to show how teams can use them but do you have any suggestions for how a solo (e.g. a writer) could adapt this 6 page format for, e.g., deciding which of several independent projects to pursue?

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