Eclipse — A Poem

A shadow falls over the sun,

Fire and Ice become one.

Darkness and light contends,

The will of neither bends.

Bright — barren; blazing — pallid,

Crimson — grey; lively — dead,

The two great lights of creation,

Battle, above all the nations.

The world is set in a hazy twilight,

The far horizon: golden, burning sunlight.

Crickets chirp, canines howl,

Their midnight master is on the prowl.

For moments, moon covers sun,

The conquest, presumably, won.

The starry hosts, moon’s shining vassals,

Twinkle in triumph, starry castles.

Then, steadily, shadows lighten,

Slowly, slowly, darkness brightens.

The sun enraged, struggles hard,

Fire spits forth flaming shards.

Tongues of fire, wrap round the moon,

Promised insurrection: coming soon.

Atop the sky, its ancient home,

Fiery Titan takes back its throne.