Request Mobile Wallet Preview

Adam Dowson
Sep 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Request Mobile Wallet Preview

What is the Request Mobile Wallet?

The Request Mobile Wallet is a simple way to secure, store and use your ETH, ERC20, ERC233 and ERC721 tokens in a fully-decentralised and trust-less way — best of all it’s completely free. You remain in control of your private keys, which are stored only on your device, no registrations and no KYC required.

The Request Mobile Wallet comes packaged with a built-in Web3 browser which allows you to interact seamlessly with your favourite decentralized applications (DApps).

The wallet allows you to sign messages cryptographically with your private key without any third parties, we use top grade security (similar methods used for banking apps) to ensure your funds stay safe.

Current Wallet Features

  • Handle wallets safely and securely on the app — no third party and your private keys never leave the device, you are always in control. No registrations or KYC required.
  • Import wallets directly into the app.
  • Backup and restore wallet using standard BIP39 recovery phrases.
  • Generate a new Ethereum wallet in seconds.
  • Manage ETH, ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 (like Cryptokitties) tokens.
  • Buy and store crypto collectibles — non-fungible tokens that are unique — and use them in games, or trade them on marketplaces.
  • Mainnet and Rinkeby support.
  • Scan QR Codes and sign transactions (supports EIP681 URI schema too).
  • Fingerprint and PIN for an added layer of security.
  • ERC20 and ERC223 airdrops fully supported.
  • Monitor your transactions in real-time, see incoming, outgoing and pending transactions.
  • Send payments to anyone anywhere, without geographical borders or fees.
  • View your wallet balance in your local currency, we check the current crypto prices in near real-time. We support lots of currencies too! 🌐
  • Send and receive all supported tokens from within the app.
  • Fully fledged dApp web browser which allows you to seamlessly interact with any dApp with your mobile wallet (imagine metamask for mobile).

The Request Wallet in action.

With the Request Wallet you can now easily pay by simply scanning a QR Code (we will support the EIP681 URI schema too) — we have libraries available for generating wallet compatible QR Codes and ways to simply handle callbacks when the transaction has been cryptographically signed.

Paying via a QR Code with WooReq.

You can view the transaction on Rinkeby here.

3rd Person View of the QR Code payment on WooReq.

3rd Person View of Scanning a QR Code

You can view the transaction here.

Using the dApp browser to pay a Request ft. Request Donations.

The Web3 browser lets you seamlessly interact with dApps directly from the app. The inbuilt Chrome-like browser functions just like a regular browser but we inject a Web3 session (like Metamask) — this means that any of your favourite dApps (Kyber, DEX’s,, CryptoKitties etc) will work flawlessly.

In the video below we are using the Web3 Browser to send a donation using the Request Donations app, we interact with and then cryptographically sign a transaction using the wallet.

Using the dApp Browser to make a donation natively in the app.

You can view the transaction on Rinkeby here.

Non-Wallet Features

  • Ethereum blockchain parser which allows us to store transactions, contracts and Requests for a more seamless experience. This is working on both mainnet and Rinkeby and the parser will be used across several Request products. ✔️
  • QR Code bridge server which handles relaying encrypted messages between the dApp and the wallet. ✔️
  • Libraries for the QR Code bridge server to seamlessly generate wallet compatible QR Codes and ways to simply handle callbacks when the transaction has been cryptographically signed. JavaScript and Node.js libraries are both done. ✔️
  • The Java Request library is well underway which will allow you to create, sign, accept and reject Requests. ✔️

Planned Prior to launch.

  • Handle managing, creating, accepting, rejecting and refunding Requests natively inside the app. The Java library will be open-sourced too.
  • Implement a workflow which allows community members to submit images and descriptions for any ERC20 / ERC223.
  • Add multi-language support.
  • Push notifications.

What’s coming in the future?

  • iOS Version. Focus will shift to an iOS version after the Android version has been launched and has gone through several rounds of testing and feedback.
  • Fleshing out the infrastructure to handle currencies on other chains like BTC.
  • Handle FIAT natively inside the app.
  • Cross-currency support to exchange currencies directly from the app.
  • Splitting bills using the multi-payee Request functionality.
  • Address book to make it easier to send funds to frequent contacts.

Have any questions about the mobile wallet?

The best way to get in touch is via Discord — we have a dedicated #request-wallet channel for any queries.

Alternatively, feel free to contact me directly by any of the following methods:

Slack: adm

Telegram: @admREQ

Reddit: /u/admREQ

Discord: AdmReq#4167

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