Gymshark: Behind the Name

This is literally just a picture of a logo of a gym clothing company out of the U.K. called “Gymshark” that I drew. This clothing company actually means a lot to me which probably sounds really stupid and I’m completely aware of that and ok with it.

“Be a Visionary”. That’s the mantra of Gymshark. Simply “Be a Visionary”. What does this mean to you? For me, it means going beyond what is “normal” or expected of you. I hate mediocrity. I can’t stand it. I hate it when I don’t do well at anything. Literally anything, even calculus which I despise with all my being. However, I lose my mind if I don’t perform well on a test.

I have created my own personal training business at the age of 19. This was something that was extremely scary for me because it meant me going out of my comfort zone. It meant me posting pictures of me shirtless on social media platforms to develop credibility and consistent content on YouTube and Instagram to develop a following so I would have people who would potentially want my help. I have struggled with body dysmorphia for a large part of my life. Posting pictures has been absolutely terrifying and wonderful at the same time. It’s allowed me to grow as a person and push my limits.

I’ve always wanted to leave my mark on society ever since I was a little kid. Back then it was football or baseball. I would relentlessly practice throwing the ball, hitting the ball, running hills, and other really weird things a “normal” kid wouldn’t like to do or would even cross a kid’s mind (who the heck asks their mom for a protein bar instead of a candy bar when they’re 10???). That’s why I do it. I WANT to be unique. I WANT to do things differently. I WANT to be the best I can be and in my mind that requires more and having to be ok with being a freak and getting weird looks for taking selfies in the mirror shirtless post workout.

I stumbled across Gymshark because I liked their clothes. That was it. I thought they looked cool and I wanted to have them. Since then it has grown to be more than that. It has grown to be how I live my life. Like a visionary. I wake up every day now with purpose and meaning and drive to do things differently and become better at what I do and create the type of life I want to live. It has become a part of my identity. When I wear a shirt from Gymshark I am telling myself and others “I’m different. I’m going to change the world someday”. That’s powerful. That’s motivating. And guess what? It’s exactly what I plan to do. We all have abilities. We all have potential. The fact of the matter is that you have to work for it. You have to do things outside of the box sometimes and be ok with being weird for a little bit.

I am a Gymshark. I am a visionary. I am going to change the world in my own way. I am determined to. Sometimes you have to jump to do great things and become a great person. I’m going to make that jump. Are you?

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