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Boost VC is the accelerator for Sci-Fi Tech. We invest $500k for 15% into 10 companies, twice a year.

At Boost VC we allocate resources towards the expansion of the digital world or the exploration of the physical world.

Over the last 8 years, Boost VC has been investing in founders who have a vision of a future that people would generally say is impossible at the time of our investment. We like being first and enabling contrarian builders with capital. Whether that is a new financial system, a jetpack, or a virtual world. …

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One year ago, Boost VC made a decision to invest $500k into each accelerator company — the most of any accelerator.


  • 🚀🚀 SciFi Startups need more capital to get off the ground. Hard technical challenges take time.
  • 💸 All startups need more than $100k to compete.
  • ⏱️ Seed rounds have gotten larger/later and more traction is needed to get there. We have seen this to be even more true during COVID; investors need more traction or a longer relationship with the founder, which makes for a more difficult fundraise for founders.

What have we learned?

  • Founders want more money (Imagine that!) from an accelerator. Our application numbers have increased by 20% each session since the announcement. …

SpaceTech founders, apply to Boost VC for your first $500k!

Boost VC is looking to invest in 2 SpaceTech founding teams in the next 2 months for Tribe 14. Apply at

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The launch of the SpaceX Dragon memorializes an important place in history; never before has a private company achieved manned space flight! This will resurge enthusiasm into the commercial space race! Fortunately Boost VC, has already invested in amazing founders building for Space: Launcher and KubOS to name a few.

With that in mind, Boost VC would like to continue to invest and support communities that create technological breakthroughs for humanity: Space is at the top of that list. Space captures the heart of what may be possible. It’s important, we are at a moment where a paradigm shift has happened and all space travel will be commercialized! …

Virtual Reality startups apply to Boost VC for your first $500k

Boost VC is looking to invest in 2 VR startups in the next 2 months for Tribe 14: APPLY NOW


Marc Andreessen’s famous statement of “Software is eating the the world” has only become more true as the war between “Atoms” and “Bits” rages on. The digital world requires three pieces — Internet, Blockchain, VR: I call this the “Digital World Stack.” The internet give communication, the Blockchain gives us digital scarcity, and Virtual Reality grants us presence, and the time for it is NOW!!!

Oculus cannot manufacture enough headsets to sell them. …

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Apply now by going here.

Boost VC is an accelerator that actively invests in Sci-Fi technology. We are a small team cultivating a smart, driven founder community — a family of founders making Sci-Fi a reality.

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Join Our Team:

Boost VC is currently seeking an Executive Assistant/Building Coordinator. This person serves as both the Executive Assistant to Managing Director, Adam Draper; and the Building Coordinator who acts as the liaison between the Boost VC team and our large network of portfolio founders, investors and others. This is a fun, full-time role in San Mateo, CA reporting to Adam Draper, Founder and Managing Director. Our time and the Boost VC space (basement at Hero City and the top two floors of Draper University) are two of the most important facets of Boost VC and we are looking for someone to take on the logistics and responsibilities of both. You will be working in a fast-paced environment with passionate team members who are focused on quality and execution. …


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3 years ago I went on a quest to get to the bottom of this whole Climate Change debate. I read books and articles for 6 months, and I found myself believing that the Ocean is the key to all of it. Ever since then, Boost VC has been discovering some of the most passionate entrepreneurs in the world, around the intersection of oceans/entrepreneurship. I think it’s time to solidify “OceanTech” as a tech industry.

The Ocean Economy.

From Aquaculture to Shipping and logistics, there are trillion dollar markets dependent on the oceans existence. If it wasn’t for the ocean, humanity would not exist. And if I have it my way, we will have ocean cities within 20 years.


Marc Andreessen’s famous statement of “Software is eating the the world” has only become more true as the war between “Atoms” and “Bits” rages on. The digital economy now makes up more value than the physical by market cap, and with the globalization of technology, we do not know where the top will be. However, the one thing that has yet to be digitized is our environments… Until now, Virtual Reality is here and it’s the real deal.

VR is the greatest communication, self-expression and research device that the world has ever seen.

Building New Communities.

Humans love connection, but up until now, we have always been restricted by geography of presence. I am in the United States. But what if you spent 12 hours of the day in a digital world, do you exist on that server? Are you a US citizen? Will you have to pay US taxes or Digital world taxes? …


Homo-sapiens can communicate globally, but we still can’t communicate with animals. Humans can travel at 300mph in a tin can, but we still can’t stop bullets in mid-flight using our minds. We can build incredible structures, but have yet to create a civilization on the ocean.

Humans have limits, and it’s time for technology to unlock humanity’s limitless potential.

Humans are going up against hard problems in the next 100 years. Feeding 9 Billion people, not destroying the planet, effects of longer lives, diversifying to space, and the power struggle between government and the individual… and millions more. It is necessary to equip ourselves with super abilities to grant us better odds in the future. …

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Boost VC is the Accelerator investing in founders making science fiction a reality. We are committed to “Sci-Fi Tech,” because we don’t believe in waiting for the future.

As the gap between science fiction and reality continues to converge, we are transitioning from a world that is merely connected (internet), to a world that will become radically enhanced (Biotech, Virtual Reality, Exoskeletons, Jetpacks, Autonomous Cars, AI, Crypto, Drones).

Sci-Fi Tech is Boost VC’s commitment to the next 50 years of innovation: the quest to enhance every connected human with super abilities.

We will live longer, jump higher, see further, run faster, dive deeper. We are no longer constrained by our geography and, eventually, we’ll travel through time. …

Boost VC Announces Tribe 12 Companies!

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Boost VC is a Pre-Seed fund making Sci-Fi a Reality!

Crypto, VR/AR, OceanTech, E-Sports, Enterprise Software…Tribe 12 has been working hard together in the Boost VC basement to build amazing things, and we are proud to have them join our family of 250+ companies making sci-fi a reality. Today is just the beginning, and we look forward to all the amazing things they’ll accomplish. Here they are!


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A robot fish platform to harness data in marine environments. Aquaai is a B2B model offering monitoring services performed by biomimetic-fishlike drones. We are ocean loving people with expertise in oceanography, underwater drones, robotics, animatronics, cloud, big data, software architecture, business management, PR / marketing and the Extreme.



Managing Director of the @BoostVC Accelerator. Host of The @BoostVC Podcast.,

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