Boost VC Is Going Full Bitcoin

Nov 21, 2014 · 2 min read

We are going full Bitcoin!
Our team is excited to announce, after raising $6.6m to fund 200 companies, that we will be accepting 20–30 Bitcoin companies into our next Boost tribe. Tribe 5 will consist of 100% Bitcoin companies. Under this umbrella we will be looking at payments, exchanges, block chain technology, Sidechains, and companies that service Bitcoin companies. We are very excited about the focus that this will bring us. Long term we hope to be able to breach other “before-the-chasm” industries, but Bitcoin is our first exciting step.

Reasons for the focus

  1. Hyperfocus: Instead of spreading our focus to different industries, we have decided to become the leader of one. With Bitcoin we already have an unparalleled network, and we can add tremendous value to anyone moving or already working in this space.
  2. Play to our strengths: On average a Bitcoin company going through Boost has raised more than $500k. Our portfolio companies, investors, as well as ourselves were are all early in the Bitcoin space. We know this space better than anyone else.
  3. We love the Bitcoin community: The Bitcoin community has continued to provide encouragement to Boost over the last two years and has welcomed us with open arms consistently. For us this is the most valuable way to pay back the community.


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    Managing Director of the @BoostVC Accelerator. Host of The @BoostVC Podcast.,

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