Atlas of Beauty: Reno

I recently found this article on a photographer who travels the world and takes pictures of women he finds to be beautiful. I related to this article because growing up I was an ugly child and I blossomed. I also feel as though a lot of people out there don’t feel like there beautiful. Everyone has their own definition of what beautiful is and I want to explore mine.

I thought it would be an interesting twist to take this idea and make it my own. I think to make it my own I’ll photograph women and men within the Reno, NV area.

I will also Interview them after I take the pictures. Ill ask each person five questions. The first question will be, What about you, do you think is beautiful? Number two; what to you makes someone beautiful? Number three; what initially attracts you to someone? Number four; What is your biggest insecurity? Lastly, do you consider yourself beautiful?

I think this will be an interesting experiment and experience! I’m curious to see how others view themselves. Personally, I have insecurities of my own but, yet people consider me to be beautiful. So my goal is to discover the beauty and the stories behind the beauty of the Reno, NV area.

Link to the inspiration of these ideas

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