Right Move, Right Time, Right Reasons

Today the Bluebox website announced to the world that we’re now part of Lookout. Those in the know have asked, why, why now, and what guided this decision? It’s simple; it was the right move and right time.

We built amazing, cutting edge technology at Bluebox over the past 4 years that resulted in marquee customers, analyst praise, and one of the best teams around. We created real value for our customers and we wanted to continue doing that in even bigger ways.

All founders worry about failing or wonder where the company will go. I focused less on this and instead on delivering valuable solutions to our customers, growing the business, and ensuring my team was enjoying what they were doing. These three things are the guides I use in every decision and are what the company was built upon.

With those guiding principles in mind, I’m always thinking of that next thing, that next step we must take to be great. When the opportunity arose to pair our amazing technology, market expertise, and traction with a liked-minded team to create a never before seen combination that will allow our vision to ambitiously grow, it was a no brainer.