The Most Interesting Thing Project

Hello dear readers, I have some exciting news!

As you may or may not know, I used to run a blog called Curiosity Crossroads (and an interview podcast called Noise in my Head).

Curiosity Crossroads was a curated blog where I collected and posted images, videos, resources, article snippets, and quotes, in an effort to share good, useful, and interesting information and ideas.

I rant the blog for roughly 1 year, and the podcast for a year and a half, but since I didn’t want to have to put ads on them, I eventually just stopped updating due to the time investment it took to run.

I have wanted to bring those projects back in some capacity for a while, but it didn’t really make sense to keep doing it in the original format. However, I have started a new project that handily combines them in a new way that I’m pleased about.

The new project is dubbed “The Most Interesting Thing Project”. This new project was originally just going to be video interviews (possibly also with an accompanying podcast version), but I realized — it doesn’t have to stop there!

Here is the project introduction:

Here is an episode of the talk show:

There is a new roundup blog post each week, and currently a new episode of the talk show every two weeks. If you support the project through Patreon, you can get early access to new episodes, and potentially even help get more of them done faster (I would love to do a new episode every week!).

But that’s not all! Readers and viewers can also get involved! That’s right, it’s not just about what I think is interesting, it’s about things that are interesting — to anyone (provided they can be fact-checked if they are claims). So if you’ve learned something recently that you thought was really interesting, you can write a short email to tell me about it and it may get featured on the blog (or even on the talk show!). You can also record yourself saying (or showing it) if you’d rather do that than write. If you’re interested, you can send in submissions to

Also, as this is just getting started and I am one person managing it, please allow some time for review. I may not be able to reply to everyone who submits, but if I plan to feature your submission i’ll let you know.

The great thing about this project is that I realize that different things are interesting to different people, so obviously I’m more inclined to share what speaks to me, but I will likely consult with friends and peers on the stuff that’s not in my wheelhouse so I give it a fair shot.

The goal is again to ultimately share good information, introduce interesting people, and create a collective space of insights, connection, and inspiration. Everyone is interesting in some way, I want to see how they each shine!

You can follow the project on Twitter, on Facebook, and support it at Also check out The Curiosity Guides.