It’s a little disheartening that the ringer staff has so readily drunk the Simmons kool-aid on…
Jay Riley

Actually, people remember Wilt Chamberlain’s far more impressive season in 1962 better than Oscar Robertson’s, what with Wilt averaging 50 points and over 25 rebounds per game. And pretty much any basketball fan could tell you that Bill Russell won the MVP that season; unfortunately, the lack of steals and blocks as statistics at the time make it harder to see how insanely good he was defensively that year in retrospect. I’d argue that three candidates were better than Oscar Robertson that year, as Elgin Baylor put up a crazy 38–18–4 (although he didn’t play every game due to military service). It was just hard to stand out statistically in 1962, as players were putting up absurd numbers all over the place.

What people do seem to forget is that Robertson’s team wasn’t that good that season and lost handily in the first round to an inferior Detroit team, which will probably also happen if Westbrook’s team loses in the first round, too.

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