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Conservatives are so impressed by symbolism. The flag, did someone take a knee during the national anthem, what pin are they wearing on their suit lapel; so much meaning is put into these things, but the symbol isn’t as important as the genuine article. Free speech is still more important than a government pressuring, or even forcing, it’s citizens to do things they feel moved to protest against. There’s always so much concern about ‘Did the president say the right word, and did he say it fast enough?’ That’s more important than the content of what was said, and that’s crazy. This is only a symbolic law, meant to make those 911 families feel better, and there would be nothing wrong with it if it didn’t put Americans overseas in a bad position. Given the understandable concern of a potential trump presidency, Americans abroad are already be in a precarious position with regard to foreign tolerance, and to pass a bad law where we trade the raising of a few over the safety of the many is just foolish.

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