City Of Possibilities

She stopped, and thought to herself.. “There’s a city of possibilities beneath me”, and she knew somewhere in her mind, there was a veil waiting to be lifted. She spaced out, relaxing into her ride. Her daydreaming continued, “I can bend back the sky rise.. I can unfold these sidewalks..” The sound of the streets spoke to her, like a loud poet, guiding her attention with a rough prose.

She weaved through a bus stop, and it was there she grabbed notice of some scribble on the wall, which became her new mantra. The grainy texture coming into focus, she made it out: ‘Go as fast as you can go.. and don’t wait for it to make sense..’ She gazed into nothing and distinguished every vivid detail from the words, thinking quick and hard on it. Her own image rushing ahead like a speeding bullet, she saw herself doing it. “Might as well enjoy the ride too..” she said out loud with a smirk.

Her inspiration alongside her, flying down the alleyway on a fiery wooden box, the ground exploded into her masterpiece and revealed the meaning she had been waiting for her whole life. The paint still spinning off like a mixer, tracing the pathway behind her, she pulled a long stare back at them before turning back. And there she was, a thin brush swinging roughly on the surface, with a blank canvas looking back at her, just begging for it.

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