Redesigning Pinterest, block by block
Andreas Pihlström

Oh hello Pinterest. Here’s what I just wrote about you in a social media media group with thousands of members …

“Basically, Pinterest, you are INDICTED for doing all this stuff as a LIVE EXPERIMENT on content that people feeel — whatever the letter of the law — that they have a degree of proprietorship over. You, Pinterest, are messing with MY BRANDING, and without ANY advance notification or communication of any sort. That’s kind of criminal. So, while I actually still love the platform, I’m quietly hoping they die a painful and public death for doing this whole thing as a live experiment.”

But you‘re probably already aware and unconcerned that the majority of your user base absolutely HATES YOU for the way you’ve gone about all these changes. Are all my board cover sizes going to change AGAIN, randomly someday without any notification?? Yes? No? So should I spend literally DAYS redesigning all my covers NOW safely? Or should I wait another three weeks until you decide to change everything again and then still have your customer service refuse to commit that the current configuration is the final one??

Why does pinning no longer suggest sensible boards to pin to??
Why does your android app take literally two minutes just to load the images from a single page??
Why do searches now return EXACTLY the same results day after day after day?
Does manually rearranging boards work today? Because last week I’d drag and drop them and then they’d appear on the other side of the screen, and all the surrounding boards randomly reordered themselves and I felt like I was having a minor mental breakdown.

You seem to be trying, contrary to this article, to ruin the entire platform by completely disregarding the imperatives of your most key stakeholders. Not a great business model I wouldn’t have thought.

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