Enterprise-Grade Freymiller: Q2 Prospectus

After feeling extremely disappointed in myself in the last few months about my overall performance in school, life, and professionally, I want to start putting myself on blast and broadcasting my goals for the next 3 months like I’m a company. Because that’s really what I’m building for at this point — I want to be a complete machine when it comes to being the master of my own destiny, and I need to feel like I’m making progress toward that end. Anyway, here are the Freymiller benchmarks for Q2:

Q2 Start Date: 3/17

Q2 End Date: 6/10 (Graduation)

  1. Get As in all classes

Priority Level: High

Given recent trends, this is by far the most challenging objective, but it shouldn’t be. My recent motivation toward school is at an all-time low — it’s gotten to the point where I automatically feel sad whenever I’m in a classroom for lectures. This quarter I have two Functional Programming classes and one Security class, which is right in line with my interests in Haskell and Digital Forensics, so I need to cut the crap excuses right now and make it happen. Attending office hours, at minimum once a week, should feel like a job requirement to me. This is my last chance to end on a high note after several straight quarters of letting myself down.

2. Publish Spring Quarter digital magazine for Asynchronous Anonymous

Priority Level: High

I recently got a $1500 grant for the educational initiative I started, and that should be strong momentum to do a great job with the digital magazine release. Getting top designers will be a huge priority. Original content should not be a huge issue. May 31 deadline.

3. Get co-signed Browser Security paper published

Priority Level: High

I recently started doing security research with a new CS professor, and I should really do whatever it takes to get it published before I graduate. Probably ~5 hour per week commitment.

4. Finish both Booth webdev jobs

Priority Level: High

This is more for personal pride than anything else — I’ve had these jobs for far too long and underdelivered and now I need to finish them off ASAP so I have less on my mind.

5. Get a sleep schedule and stick to it

Priority Level: Medium

This falls more into the nice-to-haves category. If I can accomplish items 1–4 on 4 hours of sleep tonight I’ll do it. Ideally, 7 hours of sleep per night would be a good goal. Also, wake up at 5 AM to meditate as much as possible.

6. Go to the Gym 3 times a week

Priority Level: Medium

Like #5, this falls under the umbrella of nice-to-haves. Humiliatingly enough I’ve been to the gym once this calendar year, but that needs to change especially as I start work in July.

7. Figure out where I’ll be living starting in the summer

Priority Level: Medium

I’ve bounced around a lot of different sublets the last year, and I don’t feel particularly pressured to tie myself down to one spot as I continue working. I’ve been organizing myself to become as modular as possible in my code and lifestyle, and I don’t feel like I need to settle anywhere yet and short-term housing is an elastic market. The most annoying aspect would be a longish commute to the office, but I’ll figure it out.

8. Finish 4 books

Priority Level: Medium

This should be easy:

  • Intro to C, K&R
  • Learn You a Haskell, Lipovaca
  • Purely Functional Data Structures, Okasaki
  • Linear Algebra and its Applications, Strang

9. Pick a damn front-end framework and just stick to it for the next 2 years

Priority Level: Medium

Let’s just do Ember.js since that’s recommended for my job. Set it and forget it.

10. Host 3 tech and productivity podcasts

Priority Level: Low

Get the microphone from a friend and just hit play. Go for 20 minutes or until you get a good stream of consciousness flow going.

11. Start looking into new “toys”

Priority Level: Low

This includes a new laptop (debating on converting to macOS), iPhone 6/7, Google Home, Raspberry Pis. I can live without most of these for now, though a phone upgrade is desperately needed.

12. Go to 4 Meetups/networking events

Priority Level: Low

Pretty much guaranteed. Networking is the only thing I’m good at anymore. 2 events are already scheduled for next Tuesday.

13. Configure my VM

Priority Level: Low


Notes: The place where I’ll be starting at in July has a very generous time-off policy, so my goal is to make Senior Engineer with them as soon as possible (using this heuristic) to democratize my own livelihood and start living as an intrapreneur within the company as soon as I can. First things first though, salvaging what’s left of my academic career.

Any goals for next quarter or things you’d like to see? Respond below, and let’s talk!