React Native Basics: How to Use the ListView Component
Spencer Carli

I am using a StackNavigator and clicking from a main menu screen into a screen with a ListView that has the alphabatic section headers has some performance issues. The datasource has about 100 items. I am noticing two performance issues:

  1. When I go to the screen containing the ListView and try to scroll right away there is a slight lag between clicking on the screen and being able to scroll. If a pause for one second and then click it is responsive.
  2. If I try to use the back button to return to the previous screen there is a several seconds lag before it becomes resposive. If I click on the button as soon as the ListView loads it accepts the mouse down but lags before it loads the previous screen. If I just wait a few seconds after the ListView screen loads and then click the back button it is instantly responsive.

Both of these issues go away if I filter my data soruce to only have five entries insteed of 100.

Screen Recording:

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