It might feel good, but February’s intense heat is a very bad sign
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You Liberals are still shivering, wrapped up in blankets in the corners of your “safe places” still denying the truth as you desperately cling unto the days of old.

God get over yourselves.

You have o way of proving without an absolute doubt that any climate change is associated with man no more than anyone else can. No tempature data goes that far back and furthermore i wouldn’t trust anything before the 50’s as far as data goes.

It’s a farce. Just like the whole story of the Ozone hole. Remember that one? The ozone has a hole in it due to stuff like CFC’s etc? Now the hole is fixed it is suddenly warming up according to you. Maybe you should reopen the hole and let the heat out?

LOL… I find it funny this Earth never had a problem until you fools started making up problems for it. Jesus the nerve of people to think they actually can cause an entire global change of a planet that has been here for wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy longer than many of them can count.

Best policy any government can come up with is to end Liberalist lies and cultist like behavior. That would truly fix the problem!

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