Tips for Secure Cyber Monday Online Shopping

Skipping the craziness of Black Friday, more and more consumers are choosing to make purchases from the luxury of their home with Cyber Monday. This exciting day is around the corner, making it the most demanding online shopping experience of the year. Regarded as Cyber Monday, it developed in response to sellers who presented marvelous savings to online purchasers after that first festive rush. It has evolved into a time when dealers are often selling more than on Black Friday. The icing on the cake is that it doesn’t require a line!

Cyber Monday

As lots of people around the world take the opportunity to benefit from flash deals online, so do cyber criminals looking for the chance to scam innocent consumers. To save yourself from these scams and make the most from holiday savings, you must acquire a decent understanding of common cyber threats as well as safety measures to safeguard your private information.

Common Cyber Monday Threats

It’s essential to know what kind of risks exists and how these scams are executed.

  1. Bluffed Websites: Fake websites, designed as charity, travel or shopping sites, are used to steal the payment info and personal data of the visitor.
  2. Phishing Emails: Similar to a bluffed website, these emails containing the false information of authentic brands are sent to consumers with exciting deals and offers. As soon as you enter any information, the scammers steal it.
  3. Click Bait: Attackers attract shoppers with inviting banners on social media and with your single click lead to a mischievous site set up to steal sensitive info or spread a virus.
Click Bait

4. Social-media Cheats: By using popular hashtags such as #CyberMondayDeals and #CyberMondayOnline, links to bogus sites spread.

5. Forged Flyers and Pop-up Ads: These cleverly designed pop-ups and banners with a fake genuine brand name can lead you to a hoax site for stealing personal information.

6. Spoofed Gift Cards: Sometimes third party gift cards from renowned brands are used to steal crucial information for additional fraud when users sign up to receive them.

7. False Shipping Notices: High volume online ordering provides an opportunity to cyber criminals for uniquely personalized phishing. These emails are masked as notices of delivery but can contain faulty links.

Tips for Safeguarding your Personal Info While Online Shopping

During the last few years, the public and the cyber security industry has become aware of the damages a hacker can make during the busy Cyber Monday shopping season. Now the question arises, how do you secure your personal information from a hacker and manage to buy all the products on your wish list? Well, it’s a simple trick! Be smart and know how and where to shop.

Data Protection
  • If you’re planning on make the most out of Cyber Monday deals, ensure that you invest in the latest anti-virus software. It will protect your online purchases and also detect any known threats already on your computer.
  • Secure your network with a password. This little measure will help stop a hacker from gaining access to your Wi-Fi, which can lead to uncovering your confidential information. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi password before making any transaction with your credit card on any retailer’s website.
Secure Network with Password
  • Check the security information of online sellers. Look at the address bar (where the website name is located), and make sure that you discover these letters, “https:” as these ensure that the site is secure. And a little padlock image also guarantees that you are accessing a secure website.
  • For any online account on a retailer’s site, choose a strong password with a combination of symbols, letters, numbers with a mix of upper and lower case.
  • Create unique passwords for multiple websites as it ensures the security of your personal details.
  • Finally, make yourself proactive about securing your identity and accounts. A constant eye on your credit card details and activity can make you aware of any unauthorized action.

Such little measures can save you from fraud. If you still encounter any illegal activity, inform law enforcement and the particular online retailer for further action.

Get the best Cyber Monday deals with security by following these simple tips and tricks.

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