What did you decide was the way to get more freedom?
Alex Warren

Hello Alex, some say that phrase, “Freedom is Discipline.” It works for some and for others, it does not. There is usually a disconnect in the Values of the subconscious mind.

So Freedom is an emotion that is generally moving a person towards pleasure, while Discipline can be either an emotion of pleasure or an emotion of avoiding pain.

Still, if the goal or work that is to be performed is one of joy and passion, for example, you love your job, or you love having sex with someone that you love and are attracted to every night/day, then there is no need for discipline.

Discipline is merely an additional emotion used to by pass the obstructions that are repressed emotions.

So, personally, I really hate the saying, but I never bring it up until it is spoken out loud or comes up in a topic, just like, right now. So thank you for that!

The way to more freedom is to except that 3 foot bubble around you and to do whatever you like multiple times a day and be thankful for it. Sounds strange but you have to get reconnected with the emotion and emotions of feeling FREE and to start taking that into your relationships, your profession, your hobbies and to fully embrace it.

I dance, or sing, or burp, or fart. As offensive as all four of those things may be to others, I do them in private and sometimes in public. Of coarse those are extremes but I find that suspending the judgments of others and of myself and doing what feels natural is very liberating.

SO this way it is easier to call out others later on for being rude, or standing up for myself or making a ridiculous demand.

Hope that answers your question and thank you for the question Alex.

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