Updates to the Tokensets ETAS strategy

I am pleased to present new updates to the ETH Trending Alpha ST strategy on Tokensets (ETAS). After a good amount of live trading we have decided to make some important performance updates to the ST strategy on the Tokensets platform due to three main reasons:

  • The use of leverage and shorting in our in-house ST model, on which ETAS was originally based, provides many multi-dimensional benefits to the strategy which we are still unable to provide on Tokensets at the moment.
  • Appetite from Tokensets audience preferring higher risk/higher return strategies
  • ETH fees have…

Further details for Link/ETH Growth Alpha set (LEGA)

The LINK/ETH Growth Alpha set (LEGA) is a new strategy developed by Alphachain Capital specifically for TokenSets. The goal of the strategy is to increase holdings of ETH while providing 100% exposure to cryptocurrency prices at all times.

This set was developed to provide set buyers further choice by adding a pure cryptocurrency pair strategy alongside our ETH Trending Alpha sets.

LINK exhibits higher volatility than ETH and provides a good asset to trade against in search of greater ETH holdings. …

Creating a more transparent, trusted and accessible investment universe

Fund management on ethereum

Fund managers play an important role in the global financial system. By allocating capital to a fund manager, you are effectively outsourcing investment decisions to a investment professional who, in theory, has the resources and knowledge to be able to manage your capital far better than you could. Fund managers usually have teams of highly educated analysts that have spent many years and often substantial fortunes studying highly quantitative subjects at some of the best universities in the world. …

0% buy fees, interest bearing tokens, performance fees

As we approach the roll out of the new features on the Token Sets platform there will be some exciting upcoming changes to my ETH Trending Alpha sets in the coming weeks.

I will be migrating the sets to the new upgraded versions on or around 30th March 2020. Once the new upgraded sets are live, all current set holders will be required to sell the old set and buy the new set in order to transition over. I will message in my Telegram group and Discord channel once this transition can…

The ETH Trending Alpha LT set has now been live for two weeks on the Token Sets platform. I would first like to thank all of your that have joined our first set since inception. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support received so far and am excited to release some of our new strategies onto the platform in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the current stats as of today (24th Feb 2020) after two weeks on the platform:

  • Performance is +19.48%
  • A total of 23 set holders
  • Market cap of just under $50,000

Here’s a…

Our ETH Trending Alpha strategy available on Token Sets

This post is for those interested in learning more about our ETH Trending Alpha LT strategy and the back test results.

Why did we develop ETH Trending Alpha LT?

Cryptocurrency markets are ideally suited to trend following strategies due to their history of large trends emerging over many months.

Examples include:

  • From July ’17 to January ’18 a large uptrend emerged causing the price to rise almost +800%.
  • Between Feb ’19 to June ’19 another uptrend emerged allowing the ETH price to appreciate +230%.

There is no other asset class across…

The crypto lexicon is massive and largely incomprehensible to the untrained ear. It’s growing at a rapid rate, adding new words seemingly every week. Cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, decentralisation, tokenisation, coins, tokens, smart contracts, mining, proof-of-stake, gas… It’s difficult to keep up. Terms used in the cryptosphere are easily muddled and people tend to use words interchangeably without knowing the difference between them.

This is particularly true of crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies. In Mark Carney’s recent speech about the future of money he referred to cryptocurrencies as ‘crypto-assets’ throughout. The majority of policymakers do not consider cryptocurrencies to be true currencies and…

Adam Haeems

CEO of Alphachain Capital. Fund manager running quantitative investment strategies based on statistical analysis across major cryptocurrency markets.

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