When I feel alive.

Some time ago I came to the realization that it’s in the moments I’m creating, that I feel most alive. It’s not even so much what I made or whether or not I was compensated for it. Just the simple act of bringing something into existence is enough. A photograph, a business card design, lyric, video, guitar riff…all different but all requiring creation.

So make things, right? Therein lies the irony. Yes, the simple solution is to keep creating. But, why is it that those things that make us tick are sometimes the hardest to actually do? Is it fear; of failure, of it not being good enough? Do we wait for inspiration to strike when we are already surrounded with it if we’d only look around?

With some things I don’t think it’s even about the finished product. It’s about the act of doing it; the process. When something is completed, it’s mostly out of our hands and it begins it’s work on our audience or customer. But for us, the creators, it’s while we are making, that we are changed. In that consistent act of creation we become better at our craft.

It’s in the process of creating that art does it’s work on us.

If I can create something every day, even something small, I’ve no doubt my perspective will be focused, my skill improved and my impact increased. What is that thing that makes you tick? What is that thing that you put off doing? Don’t fear the process, because we need to make it as much as our audience needs to experience the end result. It’s in the process of creating that art does it’s work on us.

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