Healthy Business is Not Artificial

In many ways in business, in our personal lives, and in our society, we have adopted this type of “stated” love towards others, as if love were a stance to take. But it’s not, is it?!

And the result of such broad and noble stances has not actually been an increase in love or acceptance, but of increased disconnect, loneliness, and in many ways, a type of opposite affect — a discrimination of those who do not take our same stance.

It’s like saying, I love “mankind” all while not loving those who fail to take that stance themselves (not that there is meaning in it) — as if mankind only applies to those that stand with us. And in the meantime, it removes the real faces of those we are to love. We can love all without loving any one.

This happens when we can hide behind avatars, distance, and anonymity. it happens when we remove our selves from the work of solving the problems of one, and when we give up our responsibility and ownership of the relationship to others.

We have software and data and systems and organizations and processes and policies that take care of things now. We might even call it all intelligent, but I find nothing smart about disconnecting people.

And yes, while all those things CAN help us be more connected and caring and accommodating, it still takes human decisions and ultimately, real human connection to make those work well. And often they don’t.

Humans are trying to give the hard, and important, and beautiful work to things, to systems, to something that isn’t human. And we are failing to do the hard work it takes to design and to implement and to manage the stuff that works — that creates meaningful relationships — not just dollars or accomplishments or status.

We have tried the whole artificial thing before. And it didn’t work. Yes, it made people money, but at some point, it falls apart and breaks us all. All the “artificial” in the world will make our relationships like it made our bodies — unhealthy. It usually just becomes a cheap substitute for real and good.

Let’s not forget our neighbors, let’s not remove the faces and the names of the ones. Let’s make sure we design and build great stuff that is built on the principles of great, human relationships. For that is what is real and beautiful and joy, and the only reason worth doing anything. Ever.

Yes, healthy relationships are good business, but most of all they are good life — and that is worth working for.

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