If I Were Slack: Take 2

I wrote an article recently stating some things I would do if I were running Slack. Then, we subsequently watched Google and Microsoft launch changes/products that directly aim at Slack. So, let me update you on my last article.

If I were slack…

I would get my butt in gear and figure out what I am doing with my platform because it’s in danger now of becoming the next Twitter.

Truthfully, they might still have a great product and a great opportunity ahead, but if they can’t communicate that, it’s a loss.

It’s like trying to tell your 10 year old to get in the car without telling them why or where you are going. More and more, customers don’t just want the now, they want the future (especially enterprise customers) — which means you can’t just tell them to get in and enjoy the ride. You have to be able to tell them where you are going and get them excited about that.

The reality is, I’ve been using Slack for a while now, but in at least a year I have seen almost no real, tangible change to Slack at all. What are they doing? It just feels like they are standing still. I know that is not really true in their point of view, but in a time where acquisitions, new features, and product announcements rule perceptions, the perceived value of Slack has not been growing for me. Slack needs to figure out their future and communicate it.

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