The Busy Silence

How many emails?
How many phone calls and messages?
How many will we let go unanswered, or unmade
as a deafening roar of indifference?

How many friends do we let slip away
because we no longer have time to keep them?

I know, a 10 minute hello or happy birthday is too much to ask — 
because 10 minutes turns into 20 and 20 minutes is too much.
And if you don’t know how to tell the truth, silence seems kinder.
And that 30 minute TV show, that pointless meeting, that chapter in that book, that glance at facebook, the daily interruptions, the busy — they just must get done.

Of course, it could be that you just forgot.
But then we seldom “forget” the things most important to us, do we?
Sometimes we just forget what is supposed to be most important.

One day the silence of your busy will become the busy silence,
the one that fills our days
because while we were out hustling, grinding, accomplishing our dreams,
we left no room for those not in them.

Indeed, one day, you will be so far ahead,
that you will be surrounded by silence.
Too far for the voices of those that care about you — 
not because they didn’t care,
but because you were too busy to let them keep up.
And then, you will have a long and busy silence.

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