I can’t tell you what other kids did on Sunday mornings but I can tell you what mine consisted of….Gearz with Stacey David.

I remember it so clearly. I spent the night over at my friend Booth’s place (yes, that’s his real name) and when we woke up he quickly went to the living room and flipped the channel to a show with a wavy haired guy named Stacey talking very excitedly about this pickup that was a project vehicle.

I remember Booth just being so engrossed in the show, soaking up every word Stacey was saying and then we would sit there and debate about what engines would work better in what builds. Obviously we were master mechanics and already knew everything there was to know about it.

But I remember something else…PASSION. When Stacey talked about a build you could visibly see him get more animated, and he couldn’t stop smiling about it. And the drives when it was completed…If that wasn’t the face of a guy in pure euphoria, I don’t know what is. His passion would literally pour out of the TV screen, and you couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the excitement as well.

I remember talking to Booth about how amazing it would be to have that as a job. To be responsible for building amazing cars and tweak them to extract the most fun possible and then drive them afterwards.

“But I remember something else…PASSION”

Something happened to me this weekend that I likely won’t forget for a while. I got the opportunity to be on a show called “It’s How You Get There” on the History Channel. A body shop had just restored a hideous looking 1994 F250 and turned it into a sleek, gorgeous looking pickup that just oozed style. The body shop had gotten most of the work done and now it was mine and my friend Jason’s job to do the last 10%-the final polish and to lock the shine in with Opti-coat Pro+.

The weekend was spent being around people who were incredibly passionate about what they do. Jason from Radiant Reflections came down and helped with the project and we spent both Friday and Saturday night staying up and talking about detailing.

Cliff from Complete Auto Body, who restored the pickup, couldn’t stop talking about everything they did along with showing us his very cool 1955 Chevy that they had restored.

Julian, one of the people from “Its How You Get There”, has a passion for everything speed and could talk for hours about anything and everything that involves going fast. And we did, over drinks on Saturday night along with his costar Jenn.

But the coolest part was something Jason had mentioned to me Saturday night that I had never really thought about. There had only been a handful of detailers that he and I knew of that had been on TV. Now you can read into that all you want but here’s the way I choose to look at it.

Detailing can and sometimes is just as much art as it is a business. Sometimes when polishing paint you’re asking the paint about what it wants more than relying on your own knowledge. And sometimes you just get lost in the detail work on a vehicle and look up and hours have gone by. How cool is it that I get the opportunity to represent an entire industry that sometimes is largely misunderstood by the general public and raise the bar in their minds? How awesome is it that now for the group of people that watch this show that they now realize there is so much more to detailing than what they thought previously?

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