10 reasons why we must keep fighting Brexit and march for Europe on 3rd September

The March for Europe on 2nd July (Photo: Marcus Vallance)

1. This fight is far from over. The last four weeks have shown that politics is very unpredictable and fluid right now. If we shout loud, keep marching and keep campaigning we can turn the situation around. Don’t believe those who never bother trying to change anything when they say nothing can change.

2. Brexit is already beginning to damage jobs and livelihoods.

3. The rise in race hate since the referendum has been so bad the Government has been forced to launch an inquiry and action plan.

4. The most radical Brexiteers are starting to put pressure on the Government to completely divorce the UK from the EU.

5. The political parties that would usually oppose Brexit are either in a mess or only have a few seats in Parliament.

6. The man who bank-rolled Leave.EU is building a grassroots movement to shift the UK closer to UKIP’s intolerant, small-minded agenda.

7. The Leave campaign was just one example of the rise of an intolerant, narrow-minded politics which is now growing across Europe and America and of which Donald Trump is merely the worst example.

8. Over a month from the referendum and there is still no sign of a clear post-Brexit plan or when one might appear.

9. The dishonesty of the Leave campaign is clear for everyone to see but unless we all challenge the Brexiteers they will just keep on lying.

10. We need to make our voice heard right at the beginning of the new political season which begins with Parliament re-opening on 5th September. MPs will also debate the UK’s place in Europe on the same day in response to the petition for a second referendum that over four million people signed.

And a bonus 11. Like 2nd July, the march on 3rd September will be a colourful, joyous, loud March for Europe. Let’s make it bigger than last time and let’s #PaintItBlue!

Adam Lent is part of the organising team for March for Europe. He is the author of Small is Powerful: Why the era of big government, big business and big culture is over.

You can support the crowdfunding for the 3rd September March for Europe here.