French National Front wants ban on digital currencies

Le Pen not a fan

The inconsistency of the Front National’s thinking has been exposed by the party’s announcement that it wants to ban Bitcoin.

Why does it want to do this? Because apparently financial oligarchs hate hard cash (don’t ask me). It seems the French populists haven’t yet noticed that if there’s one thing that has got banks quaking, it’s the likely disruption wrought to their industry by financial innovations like Bitcoin.

But the confusion doesn’t stop there. The FN also announced that while they want to ban Bitcoin, they’d quite like to hang on to Bitcoin’s operating system called blockchain because it might prove useful in other areas.

I wonder what other innovative technologies the FN would like to simultaneously ban and keep. How about abolishing the world wide web but hanging on to the internet? Or maybe trashing apps but providing everyone with an iPhone.

Hardly surprising though that the FN can’t get their heads around distributed, decentralised technologies. It’s the sort of chaotic, creative freedom that has the FN’s autocratic leader, Marine Le Pen, waking up in a cold sweat at night.

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