Call for collaboration: toward a new socialist media

This is a metaphor

There is a crisis of representation on the left. Over the last two years the socialist left have made huge strides in increasing their representation within the Labour Party and within the popular political sphere. In the media however there is a huge gap between where the left has gone and where established media organisations have stayed. The Guardian and New Statesman are the most notable examples of where supposedly left-leaning publications have completely failed to provide the kind of journalism and comment that is required for the current moment.

There is no doubt that there are good things happening but the pace of change and development has been slow. It has been my view for a while that there needs to be a much greater plurality of editors, writers and publications on the left. The recent events around #BoycottNovara have shown us all the dangers of having good writers and content be subject to the problematic behaviour of a charismatic editor. It has also illustrated the monopoly that Novara was building around non-academic socialist journalism and comment. To my mind more media pluralism can only be considered a good thing.

It has been inspirational to watch the New Socialist be built from nothing with a team of editors and a firm foundation of editorial values and guidelines. It is this example that I seek to emulate in asking for people to come forward with an interest in exploring media plurality, representation and accountability and the possibility of founding new outlets. I am not looking to become a singular editor or the face of any project, I do not have the experience in organisation or editing required and I think that elevating the voice of another white man is not what is required. I am looking to find a group of people with an interest in working collaboratively toward building the new leftist media which can elevate the voices of many, many good writers from as wide a range of backgrounds as possible.

Initially please send me a DM @softerhardleft with a response to this call. I will not be the sole point of contact for this project but this is unfortunately inevitably the case at the beginning. I’m really looking forward to hearing form people

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