Weinstein Isn’t The Only One: Screen Celebs Who Abuse Women or Children
Beth Winegarner

I am going to have to reiterate that statistics are a) in flux and b) often biased by innumerable confounding variables. That being said, the likelihood of slanderous allegations materializing (valid or otherwise) is exponentially greater with high-profile celebrities of high net worth. To claim that these celebrities maintain some immunity from such claims is not only absurd (look at Justin Bieber’s absolute annihilation in the media as a reckless 18 year old) & many many more white males of high status. To say they’re immune from litigation & somehow circumvent the legal system is absolutely asinine and factually wrong. When looking at the big picture, one must assess the incentive for such allegations. Rape and sexual assault are both abominations. That being said, bandwagon sympathizers & SJW’s have no place citing statistics without meaningful sources of credibility. Slandering either side of the gender widens the gap & only will exacerbate the disparity between the already “patriarchal” society in place. In other words, sensationalism digs its own grave & mourns its own death.

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