On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

Will Hillary Clinton be a “great president”? Unequivocally, no. Obviously not. I think her Super Fans should stop trying to convince people to join them on that level because it lands with a huge thud every time I read someone trying to convince me she’s not only passable, but actually excellent. There’s plenty not to like about her — even ignoring all of the stuff the GOP and Trump have just invented out of whole cloth about her — and it is intellectually dishonest to overlook all that and pretend like every marginally acceptable quality she has isn’t totally outweighed by her secretiveness, her judgement (repeatedly she’s had to apologize for making the wrong decision when she’s been caught doing something ethically or professionally questionable — the email server, stealing furniture from the White House, failing to disclose her pneumonia, the list goes on and on), her hawkishness, and her need to be pulled to the left instead of her desire to go there on her own. Barack Obama she is not. She just isn’t. She’s mediocre and that’s just that.

But, at this point, she is the best we have and we have to make due with it. That’s part of the responsibility of being an adult in a functioning democracy… sometimes you have to make good enough work. In particular, faced with the unbelievable threat to core American values (that is, values we actually all share — not just the ones the partisans bicker about) of a puerile, maladjusted, lying, cheating manchild like Trump.

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