3 Powerful Books That Changed the Direction of My Life

Whenever I walk into a bookstore or start reading a book, I’m looking for something. Sometimes, I read to learn about a specific person, company, or moment in time. But, other times, I’m looking for a specific outcome — I want the book I read to help me become a persistent, happier and smarter version of me.

In the list below, you’ll find 3 thought-provoking books that helped me understand what it takes to go on an entrepreneurial journey .

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1. Getting There

First time I discovered the power of reading, I wanted to see what persistence was like. What people did to achieve miraculous things.
My first stop was a book entitled “Getting There”, a book I stumbled upon on Amazon which gave me the desire to dive into.
This book contained the experience of many people in various fields and how they persisted to stand for what they wanted.
There were more than a few times while reading this book where I had to put it down and think about it for a while. Some of the writing hit pretty close to home and directly relating to my life.
Quite the best introduction book for an entrepreneur! Thank Zoe for the great book.

Animated Book Review About Persistence:

2. The End of Jobs

Second stop for me was “The End of jobs”. I was looking for that book that will agree with me that jobs aren’t the best thing to go for anymore.
That I can create something more fun and profitable. No more pain in the ass of waking up early and taking up more than 30 min to commute from home to work “I want to stay at home you know? there’s cold outside”.
Besides have you seen how many people are jobless due to companies being all like “We want people with more than 5 years experience” or “We have enough experienced people in our firm are you any special? We will probably recruit inexperienced beautiful girls since our main goal is something more than profit”. Mhmmm alright dude! It’s your company I can’t do anything about it. I’ll probably go create a job for myself, and gain 5 times the salary you’re willing to pay me.

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3. Growth Hacker Marketing

Third stop was “Growth Hacker Marketing”. At that time I had started a YouTube channel and I got interested more and more in marketing. You know that feeling when you discover something new, and a whole new world opens up for you. So there I was surfing the net and I found an article talking about how “Growth Hacker” became the most in demand job by recruiters. And I was instantly intrigued by the title.

I thought “Yeah that makes sense”. In order to make profit, companies need to acquire new users, and the traditional way of doing it “Ads..” isn’t effective anymore. So there I was looking for a book to expand my knowledge in this new way of doing “Marketing”.
Next thing that happens is I discover how Facebook, Hotmail, Dropbox, Twitter and more made their way to the top using this technique called “growth hacking”. Each company was creative enough and acquired users in a unique way.
At this moment, I had an understanding of how I could grow a user base, once I make a killer app.

Animated Book Review:

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