I Wrote a Book

The 7 Laws of Wealth

A while ago after reading a couple of books, I’ve started to notice a lot of similarities between them. Sometimes the ideas of the books are exactly the same, only presented differently.

I also realized that an author only writes a book after reading and being influenced by dozens written before him.

That’s why I’ve decided to write a book of my own, inspired by many bestsellers and hidden gems, connecting the ideas in those books to my personal stories, and with no beating around the bush, just plain practical ideas that helped me succeed in the world.

I’ve started writing this book 3 years ago using nothing but Google Docs, writing whenever inspiration hit or had the occasion to.

I entitled the book “The 7 Laws of Wealth”. The laws included in the book are:

Law 1 — Never Start Something From Zero
Law 2 — Use all the resources you’ve got
Law 3 — Never Follow the Rules
Law 4 — Read Books
Law 5 — Write a Book
Law 6 — Get Busy
Law 7 — Break Bad Habits

Law 1 — Never Start Something From Zero

I’ve got inspired to write the first law — Never Start Something From Zero while working on many projects, and noticed how scarce I was of the two most valuable resources needed to continue working on those projects, which are time and effort.

If we google the definition of reinvent the wheel the same two most valuable resources come back once again: Time and Effort.

Source: Google.com

So this law is about saving those resources by reusing or getting inspired by what’s already out there.

I made a 3 min animated video that you can watch, where I summarized the ideas of the first law and also included a story of mine using this law, as well as the use of it by the great Picasso and the great leader Napoleon.

Hope you enjoy!

Law 1 : Never Start Something From Zero

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