That feeling when you are sick of being sick and just wanna be healthy again.

It was two weeks after I caught a cold and I was still sick, coughing endlessly with a never calmed headache.

I even started doubting my body’s ability to heal itself. WTF are you doing buddy (body)? do your job already!

I lacked energy and purpose in anything I was doing. I hated every person willing to make me move or do a useless effort.

At work I was like a ghost. Working few minutes, then disappearing from sight and ending up eventually sleeping in the empty cafeteria.

I considered myself a tourist, visiting the workplace from time to time, sitting in front of a monitor and browsing mindlessly from 9–5.

What the f*ck is happening? I never imagined my life to take a turn like this because of a sickness.

At least now I have a new hobby: Reading books.

The workplace became like a library, where I would read (eat) books and write emails, scripts and worthless stories.

I usually thought that my lack of energy was due to my lack of sport activities. Since I was working furiously on my mind that I forgot the body that holds it. A mistake 70% of people do: work on 1 thing and neglect its conjoint.

How can you correctly raise your two daughters when you’re only giving your full attention to one?

They are correlated, you can work on both and successfully achieve both or you can work on one and successfully achieve none.

This was an important lesson I learned in life, that you can’t always rely on your body and medicine to get healed, and that your body is as vital as your mind.

And I’m sure most of you don’t have this kind of problem, so it’s basically a reminder to me and to people who work 9–5 jobs and never get enough time to work on their body and maintain their health.