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Process maps are an extremely valuable tool in new hire training and when adopting new technology. Here’s how to do it with your team!

Process mapping is a powerful tool and practice that helps you and your team gain new perspective on your business. It allows you to identify and target any areas that could be made more efficient or improved. Process maps can also be an extremely valuable tool in new hire training and when adopting new technology.

First, what is a business process?

Processes are how people within an organization collaborate in order to accomplish a goal. Essentially everything we do in an organization involves or contributes to some type of process.

At our company Buoy Ventures, every custom Business Stack (ERP System) we build begins with a map of the business processes that are going to be affected. If these processes are not mapped already, we work together until we have a clear and complete process map. …

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Modern businesses are run on software, no matter the scale. If they’re not, they are undoubtably headed that way. Companies can use software to help with nearly every aspect of operating and serving their customers. Accounting? There’s amazing stuff out there. Project management? Yep. Customer service? Of course. I dare you to think of something that a business does and I can all but guarantee there is a software tool out there to help do that better.

In fact, there are so many flavors of business apps out there that it’s not a trivial endeavor to just be aware of what’s available, let alone be up-to-date with the latest and greatest. Once you know what’s out there these various softwares need to be pieced together because your business is unique and will require a one-off mix of software, established processes, and (don’t forget!) …

To keep up with my “write 500 words a day” routine I’m writing a short post about something that has been (on)top of my mind for the past 18 hours or so. It’s almost dinner time and I need to get a post out there and my brain has been a little slow today — And last night’s Sake may be partly to blame.

First of all, sake is great! Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink that’s made with Rice. To write this I looked around the web to learn a bit more and see what people are saying about this alcoholic drink that predates recorded history 🔖. While typically referred to as Japanese Rice Wine, it actually has more in common with beer than wine🔖. In fact, it has a few unique characteristics that set it apart from other alcoholic drinks entirely. …


Adam Lazarus

I architect, plan, and build things with technology. I’m incredibly lucky to work w/ amazing teams around the globe to support innovative products & companies.

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