Conservatives believe this is fine. Progressives believe this is not fine. So when progressives make the claim (or wear the mask, protest the injustice) that this is not fine, the conservative reaction is disbelief, that trouble is being stirred for no good reason, and therefore is disruptive and without merit. This was fine, they say, before you started making trouble. Let’s go back to then.

What about framing it this way for conservatives: we want the same thing, for this to be fine. And if you’re conservative, this may be fine for you, and no one is trying to take that away from you. But this is not fine for some people, and there is a lot of evidence. So what we want is for this to be fine for those people too. And until it is, this is not fine. …

God help me, I’m writing on Medium now. This is how it’s going to be. This is my first thinker.

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It’s a thinker about misinformation and how we let it spread this far, to have such an enormous and devastating impact on our political discourse, and how we (gulp) let it affect the outcome of an election. No getting around that, I’m afraid. People voted with the information they received. And in parts too large to ignore, on both sides, that information was of the mis- variety. Hear from the guy who fabricated a ton of it, for some perspective.

Something amazing happened in the last ten years, which is that everything we see and hear got a button attached to it that allowed us, like mice in a lab, to respond with our approval, thereby registering our opinion on the value of that thing. …

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