Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem?
Sarah Jane Coffey

When I saw the headline I just felt like FINALLY someone brought it up. As a person who must abstain from drinking the ample-beers-in-the-fridge at a tech company, I’ve also been through very similar situations as you described — celebrations, socializing. And the feeling I get when the founder offers to pour Champagne at a celebration and I have to refuse in front of everyone. Non-alcoholics (and active alcoholics) simply do not or cannot understand what that is like, and how much energy it takes away. And worse yet being judged as being weak, flawed, and unfit for promotion for admitting to anyone.

You are very brave for having taken this step and writing an article. There is still a strong stigma against alcoholics in business (even though it is a rampant disease especially in business). I wish you the best and hope this opens opportunities for you. I’m also curious what opportunities do open for you because of it.

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