5 Benefits of Renting a Serviced Office

The serviced office industry has been significantly expanding over the past decade. If you have a new business and are looking for an office space, the upfront expenses can be phenomenal. Serviced offices provide a solution to this problem with flexible, short-term office solutions at a fraction of the price of a traditional lease agreement.


With serviced offices everything from the contracts to the management is kept as simple as possible in order to make your time pleasant and efficient. Contracts avoid legal jargon that would otherwise require a solicitor, lease agreements are flexible, and payment is billed at the end of the month in a single consolidated invoice.

Cost Efficiency

The price of a serviced office may seem high in comparison to a traditional office; however, because agreements are usually only short term, you can expand the size of your office space when required. In addition, many services and facilities will often be included in the costs, such as Internet, line rental and furniture.

Services and Amenities

Many businesses often pay over-the-odds for additional services and amenities, such as a conference room, receptionist and gym. With a serviced office these costs will not be included in your standard monthly rent. they are instead billed on a pay-as-you-use basis. In addition to saving money, this will allow you to gain access to services and amenities that may have otherwise been out-of-reach.

Most serviced offices will include a high-speed Internet connection that’s ready to use when you move in. Some may also provide extra perks, such as television packages. This can encourage productivity, boost morale and keep everybody updated with the latest happenings. To find out more you can find the Sky contact number here: 0844 800 3115.

Prestigious Address

In business, image is everything. How you are perceived by clients and competitors will either pave the way to success or lead to failure. The location of your business is paramount, and if you are situated in an area that’s known for your particular industry, you will certainly be taken more seriously. For example, if you run a financial institution and have an office in Canary Wharf, it will enhance your image and possibly lead to better opportunities.


Getting your business set-up and operational is a time consuming process, especially when you need to concentrate on mundane tasks such as interior design, building furniture and installing communications systems. Serviced offices are designed to be operational the second you sign the contract. Even in a large office space, you could be ready for business within a few days.

The serviced office industry allows small businesses to have the same services and facilities as a corporate empire, butwithout the upfront costs. If you want to expand your business, test the waters in a new location, or simply have a professional space to work, then they are definitely worth considering.

London contains more serviced offices than any other city in the world. Property agencies specialize in sourcing premium serviced offices and can negotiate on your behalf. If you’re looking for an office space in the capital, it’s always worth contacting an agency, as they may have access to properties that aren’t publically listed.