How to Sell Hand-Crafted Gifts Through Instagram

Do you want to earn some extra money during your free time? Perhaps you have a hobby that could be monetized? Whether you want to make a living or simply ease the burden of your monthly bills, there are plenty of websites and apps out there that can help. Instagram is one of them.

To start with, get your Instagram profile online and make a realistic plan by figuring out how much time you can spend working on your crafts. Work out how long it takes to make one piece and how much money you tend to spend buying resources. If you want to make money through your Instagram shop, you need to know exactly how much your outgoings are. Even if it’s all just for fun, it shouldn’t cost you anything!

Building a Trustworthy Image

Instagram doesn’t have an “official” shop plugin. Therefore, you’ll need to build up trust with customers so they will pay you money before you send away your products to them. By posting informative information, promptly answering queries, and giving off a friendly vibe, you will naturally build a trustworthy image.

Advertising Your Products

When you upload pictures of your creations, make the supporting blurb short, but honest. Specify the material, size and how much time you spent making it — with the price of course! Make your product descriptions personal and charming by writing a paragraph or two about what inspired you.

Communicating With Buyers

Always respond to messages promptly to make your customers feel confident with your services. Even if they don’t take the plunge and commit to a purchase, thank them for messaging you to begin with. Appreciation will go a long way and could lead to more sales in the future. If you do make a sale, ask customers for feedback by commenting on the product image.

Marketing Yourself and Your Work

Getting your profile set up is easy; finding customers is the hard part. Share your profile through other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Like pages by other, similar creators and comment on their pictures. If you start following them, they may return the favor, which could open doors for cross-promotional opportunities in the future. To get an initial following, buy Instagram views. This will help you build up some legitimacy in the eyes of organic followers.

Ask your friends and family for support you by sharing your profile on their social media channels. If you want to try a bit of offline marketing, get yourself some business cards with your Instagram profile name, website URL (if you have one) and contact details.

Building a Long Term Strategy

Instagram is the perfect platform for accumulating followers and making a name for yourself. But there are also plenty of other websites and apps that will help you. Get your creations on Etsy, Ebay and Shopify; and build a network of social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Fundamentally, do your utmost to enhance your digital presence, and with a bit of consistency, you will make a name for yourself.

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