12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory
John Cutler

It’s easy to slip into this mode, I have seen it happen, and ‘almost happen’ and then get saved. You create a fantastic 1.0 product, you get customers, they love it. You create a couple more releases based on the original vision. By now you have lots of customers and they all want features and enhancements. If you’re not mindful of the process you will slip slowly and inexorably into feature-factory mode without even realizing it.

What we do to avoid this is to always make each new release around a theme that ties back to the vision. We then scan our internal SpiraTeam database for enhancements, usability items and features that tie into this theme. Then we design the entire release as a unified team (around a blackboard or using webex if distributed) and include a lot of the features, AS LONG AS THEY SUPPORT the vision. If not they get rejected.