Before You Named Me

(from my collection Crescendos of Supernovas)

I should have started this collection months ago;

That’s when we met, and when my heart was born —

Born again and born for the very first time

Amidst the jangles of a dotted line

On which I signed

The notes that have played before my eyes

Are now no longer anything but gods —

Divinity incarnate — between my lids and lashes

That bring me back from the crashes

That have so often left me staid

And so stained I was before you named me,

Called me ‘Love’ as your kisses breathed air into my lungs

So long choked with the stale gusts that came before —

Only to expand in vast breath and vaulted whispers

Of my lace-white love for you

Did you lose yourself before my name upon your lips?

I did — I was lost in this before your eye caught mine,

And I was growing too fast as my reruns were thrown down

Before I ever had a chance to look or learn,

But now I am found

The cool crescent that hangs beneath your bangs

Is a nightwish made in a dream between sleeps —

The letters that are sent are postmarked ‘grown up’

And are mailed to every corner of our lives —

But I am here with you

Your name is my prayer in the dead of the day

And it’s all I need (all I will ever need),

Tattooed on my tongue for all words after —

You’ve said my name for the first of many forevers,

Now it has meaning again.

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