I absolutely love this concept, and what a thoughtful way to present it, too.

Hey Liora! Thanks for the kind words about the app.

Right now, our main goal with Being is to unlock the potential of who users are following as a new form of content curation. We’ve found that who you follow is sometimes more authentic than what you post, as it says something about your tastes and interests that isn’t necessarily represented in what you post. For now, we’re really focusing on ways to help people enhance their Instagram experience through the discovery of new feeds & perspectives curated by the community. Other platforms are definitely not out of the question down the line.

Regarding how we handle private feeds that someone follows — we currently don’t indicate that there are feeds that are being hidden, but this is a really interesting idea, and one we’ll consider as a way to help people discover new feeds and to give them a more complete picture of what they’re viewing. Thanks again!

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