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ask. is back with a new, two-part series with David Marquet. ask. is a series designed to go deep on the questions that define our lives and our work. Our mission is clear — if we can make the world more curious, everything will be better.

David is a true leader’s leader. As a top graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, David commanded the nuclear-powered, fast-attack submarine USS Santa Fe from 1999 to 2001. Since retiring from the Navy, he has become a best-selling author and has worked with businesses nationwide as a leadership consultant.

Part One…

Smart glasses designed to be glasses first and smart second will win over consumers in a heartbeat.

Google Glass first dropped into public consciousness seven years ago as the featured product of Google’s big I/O conference in 2012. Poised to take over the world, these glasses let wearers dictate text messages, view transit alerts through their lenses, and take photos or videos of the world around them.

Despite the initial excitement, Google Glass was doomed from the start. The device itself looked sci-fi at best (or geeky at worst) and Glass’s myriad of features were lost amid criticism of the frames’ appearance. An easy-to-criticize design drew attention to privacy concerns such as the public use of the…

Image Credit: March for Our Lives

I recently purchased a March for Our Lives t-shirt for two reasons. First, I want to support their mission. March for Our Lives harnesses the power of young people across the country to fight for sensible gun violence prevention policies that save lives. Second, their QR code — even MFOL clothing works to mobilize young people (like myself). The branded t-shirts and hoodies are adorned with an American flag containing a QR code, which leads directly to online voter registration when scanned. In under two minutes, you can be registered.

The Magic of QR Codes

QR codes — those blocky, black and white squares of…

Superhuman hit the jackpot with their email experience. Here’s a rundown of why I love it.

I like email. As a young kid, creating and using an email account was a special thing that made me feel adult and important. More recently, it’s one of my favorite digital forms of communication — it’s my to-do list as well as a history of conversations with those in my personal network, and it allows me to teeter on the line of formal and informal.

Oddly, though, as I have used email more substantially, it has become overbearing and slow to work…

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