TechBubble Technologies to create brain controlled IoT networks, robotics and prosthetics.

Although research into Brain Computer Interfaces began round about the 1970’s at UCLA in California, it is not a technology that is well known to the general public and work in this field has gone fairly unnoticed. More recently there has been a surge in interest in BCI from developers around the globe and technologies have become available that can help them integrate the powers of the mind into their applications.

As TechBubble Technologies prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest trends in modern technology, we felt that BCI would be a natural next step in the progress of our EcoSystem. We have been passionate about web /mobile / desktop, IoT and AI development for a number of years now as the EcoSystem has progressed, and this passion has laid the foundations for the integration of BCI into our existing systems, and also a new department focusing on the research and development of brain controlled IoT, robotics and prosthetics.

Using the latest in BCI technologies we will begin our research and development of robotics and prosthetics that are controlled by your mind, future plans also include robotic avatars that can be controlled using your brain. In addition to this we will also be creating a new range of revolutionary IoT devices and networks that utilise BCI technologies and will allow users to control their IoT devices using their mind, as well as navigating around the related applications and TechBubble GUI.

We already have a few devices planned and are expecting to launch the prototypes this year. We will keep you informed of the progress so make sure you keep an eye out for us. To keep up to date please follow our Brain Computer Interfaces Facebook page.

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