An Introduction to Different Kinds of Pergola Designs and Styles

Patios and pergolas both have emerged as a very healthy solution for those who love to be in the outdoors, very close to the nature. Similarly, these solutions are ideal for those who love to spend pleasant evenings under the stars and enjoy dark skies and dazzling stars. However, the problem is the lack of knowledge of these installations that forces buyers to rely entirely on the sellers. These sellers take advantage of this situation and make sure that whatever they sell, is the most profit-generating for them. However, this will not happen anymore, as we have come up with a small guide discussing the main types of pergolas that users can pick from.

However, in this regard, experts say that picking the right pergola is a matter of informed opinion based around the key elements of function, style, materials and other considerations. Here is a description of different kinds of pergola designs present in the markets.


• The best feature of this pergola design is that it uses straight lines and symmetry throughout the style. 
• Moreover, upon observing deeply, you will see that they are often done with simple, but elegant designs and classic symbols. 
• On this version, hybrid tea rose and rambling roses are commonly used vines.
• In terms of pathways, the most popular options are terracotta pots and dirt and stone pathways.


  • This is one of the best pergola designs that is immensely popular and preferred by the buyers of patios and pergolas.
    • The biggest feature is that contemporary styles lean toward simple and minimal lines. 
    • In this version, wrought iron framed geometrical shapes are used in combination with a canvas fabric that is used for 
    covering a pea gravel pathway.
    • According to the experts, there could be no better example of a contemporary design than this one.
    • There are metal and plastic made seats that are often interchangeable and with them, this installation gets a contemporary, yet sleek and sophisticated look.
Outdoor Pergola

Cottage Garden design

• In this version, you will be offered pergola designs that have intricate lattice work and lush vines to enhance the privacy of this installation.
• The best additions to this theme are the cobblestones or bricks and this version is considered ideal for gardens that have antique ornaments and unusual objects of interest.

Rustic design

  • One of the most notable factors is that it uses natural structures with elements of old metal to create a look similar to traditional and cottage settings. 
    • In this design, the entire structure is built using a cast wood that has been seasoned perfectly by weather. 
    • The best options to use with this design are cedar, juniper, and bamboo.
    • The use of driftwood and stone forming a natural look is the primary focus with the rustic look.
    • In case, you are keen towards using benches and stools, make sure that they are made up of stone or wood.
Wooden Pergola

Here are a few more things to consider when choosing the right pergola:
• Cost
• Size
• Coverings
• Maintenance
• Climate
• Installation
• Retailers
• Codes
• Plants