Top Materials Used In the Construction of Outdoor Pergolas Sydney

As far as pergola construction is concerned, you may not be aware, but there are a number of things to take care of. In this post, we will have an in-depth look at the most important points to be considered and the most important of them all is the material used for the construction process.

Material of construction

When we talk about the materials to be used in the construction of outdoor pergolas Sydney, the first thing that needs a mention here is that there are different kinds of materials to be used in the process.

Some of them have been discussed here.

Plastic or Resin

  • According to the experts, these materials are perfectly ideal for those looking to get moderate priced outdoor structures.
    • In these pergolas Sydney, you will see that most of them are made using some kind of resin or plastic material and these materials could be in a wide array of colours.
    • In most cases, you will find that the raw material is being imported from Asian countries, as they are less expensive there.
    • As far as their usage is concerned, one thing to know is that they come with a few drawbacks associated with these raw materials.
    • The first point is that the bolts don’t hold them too tightly and the structure will actually loosen up over time.
    • This actually means that in a few years time, you will have to tighten up the entire structure on a regular basis.
    • One more point associated is that the resin will acquire a dirty or dingy look and most people replace every 7 years or so.
Pergola construction custom Design


• The next raw material that has been very popular in terms of pergola construction is steel, but the problem with this raw material is the rust is a constant partner and can give steel a dirty and a shabby look.
• However, if the installation team uses really high quality steel in their pergola enclosures, it is quite possible that they will keep rust at bay for a prolonged period.
• However, the drawback related is that the prices of such sheds are out of reach for the average person wanting to construct this backyard structure behind their home.


  • One more product used very vastly in pergola construction is the wood that is present in different types and almost all of them can be used in outdoor pergolas Sydney
    Pressure Treated Wood
    • The most popular type used in pergolas Sydney is the pressure treated wood and the reason why this has been so popular is that it is resistant to moisture. 
    • Another reason is that they have insect repellent attributes that keep these pests away from the structure for a long time.
Pergola Repellent Attributes

Red Wood

• Another very popular wood used in the process of Outdoor pergola construction is the red wood and this is also used in building garden sheds, gazebos, etc.
• The best thing about this material is that the wood gels well and is present in warm red and even in brown colour.
• Other than this, it also has properties that make it both weather resistant and insect repellent.
• The reason why this material is not used that much is that it is very expensive and often not in the budget of people like you and me.