Top Plants and Vines to Be Used with Outdoor Pergolas Installations

Outdoor pergolas Sydney are undoubtedly one of the best structures to have in your lawn to give it a new lease of life. With it, any homeowner can enhance the looks of his lawn and its resale value considerably. What’s even more interesting is that with these installations, different kinds of plants and vines can be used to give it a totally new look as well as the privacy that you deserve. In this post, we take a look at some of the most popular plantations and vines that go well with outdoor pergolas installations.


• According to the experts of outdoor pergolas services, Passionflower is an exotic climber and has intriguing white and purple flowers. 
• The top attribute of this plant is that it grows really fast and therefore, ideal for covering such structures present in the markets. 
• For those living in rather cooler regions, the best option is of picking the varieties that are frost hardy. 
• For a striking effect, pair passionflower with early-blooming clematis.


• The next name recommended by the experts of outdoor pergolas Sydney is clematis and this is also an aggressive climber as well as easy to grow and maintain.
• Moreover, you will find this plant absolutely beautiful, colourful and relatively lightweight.
• The best time to use it during the early spring season as this is the most favourable season for its growth.
• This clematis can be combined with climbing roses for the best of colours and quick coverage.
• Other than this, you can even combine different varieties of clematis plants that bloom during different seasons.


  • Experts of outdoor pergolas installations say that wisteria is another very popular climbing plant used with these structures.
    • While using, keep in mind that this plant needs a sturdy support as well as a good amount of maintenance to make sure that it looks its best at all times. 
    • This fragrant beauty also requires full sun to thrive.
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• The next name is the honeysuckle flowers and is known for its nostalgic fragrance and become stronger as dusk sets. 
• The best feature of this version is that you can find more than 180 different species and almost of them are creepers.
• A very interesting fact honeysuckle is basically a large vine that grows at a rapid rate. 
• You can plant one honeysuckle plant and easily cover your pergola in no time.


  • One more very impressive name to mention in terms of outdoor pergolas Sydney is the jasmine and the best part of these flowers is that they can be experienced from a far distance.
    • If you are in love with flowers, experts say that this is the best flower that you can use with these outdoor pergola installations.
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Other popular flowers to be used with outdoor pergolas Sydney are –

• Grape Vine
• Trumpet Vine
• Bignonia
• Sweet Pea
• Bleeding Heart and Tropical Bleeding Heart