Neurable Pop-ups and Why Location-Based VR matters

Adam Molnar
Sep 25, 2017 · 4 min read

“The Neurable showcase was one of the most exciting events we’ve had so far at VR World.” — Tommy Goodkin, Director of Content, VR World NYC


Neurable’s debut at SIGGRAPH drew overwhelming interest. Hundreds of people experienced and thousands more saw “Awakening,” the world’s first mind-controlled VR game.

We received more DK requests than we can supply right now and countless people asked when would be the next Neurable appearance.


We decided to increase our public presence and bring our technology to all of those who want to explore, develop, or research with Neurable.

Neurable goes to VR World NYC

A first step towards the public, Neurable will be available at location-based VR entertainment (LBVRE) centers. Our first event was this past weekend with VR World NYC, a three-story space boasting over 50 VR experiences, smack-dab in the heart of New York City, right next to the Empire State Building.

The height of one era’s achievements nodding to our era’s growing state of innovation.

We did not know how it would be received…but selling out in less than two days was a good sign.

Location-based VR entertainment

VR is not a gaming console.

LBVRE forerunners, such as VR World, The Void, 2 Bit Circus, Dreamscape, and more know this. They prove it by creating experiences that are otherwise unobtainable. They combine other elements with VR to create for truly immersive experiences, away from your living room, away from the gaming controller. The kind people envision when they imagine a true virtual reality.

360 degree videos and shooters can be fun your first time but I guarantee those experiences do not compare to Moveo at VR World, a full 360 degree, mechanical arm driven, virtual reality flight simulator. Or how about the Void’s Ghost Buster adventure where you navigate a physical space transformed by VR? These locations take emerging technology and make them accessible to the public in a social space, addressing the problem of VR as an insular experience. 2 Bit Circus focuses on experiences that are as engaging for the user as it is for the audience watching it. We believe this is a crucial step forward in making this new medium a ubiquitous mainstay.

Mixed reality is currently a cosmic soup, with user experiences and best practices still being figured out. Values, opportunities, and possibilities are being discovered. Neurable’s target with LBVRE is not just a gaming play but a first step on a path towards a much larger interaction one. We want to show people the different ways we can apply brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to applications, while bringing those applications to a wider audience.

Our first demo, “Awakening,” begins with a boy waking up to telekinetic abilities, an allusion to an empowered future made possible with BCI technology. Donning our EEG-upgrade for the HTC Vive, you use your intent to will actions such as grabbing and throwing items, teleporting, typing on a keypad and more. Actions performed with a mouse and keyboard can be done with Neurable.

A Launching Point

With LBVRE as a launch point for frontier technology, we aim to give people the ability to do something they cannot do otherwise; control technology with their mind, a completely new degree of freedom. It changes gaming and represents new interaction possibilities. With Neurable at LBVRE locations, developers can create experiences that showcase what is possible with Neurable today, applying creative input and generating necessary feedback.

LBVRE will be where a lot of people experience VR for the first time. It will also be where a lot of people will try Neurable for the first time. Having BCIs as part of our reality is not ten years away. It is here, now.

“If I could sum up the Neurable experience in one word, it would be transcendent.” — Dexter Ang, CEO, Pison Technology

Our audience this Saturday ran the gamut from VR developers, to musicians and artists, families with children, and more. Regardless of all those descriptors, what was universal was that look people made when they realized they controlled something with their mind. Gasping “oh” with your first mental trigger and a giggle or smile from knowing that you exercised control with your mind, something you never thought you could do (but have always wanted). And lastly, coming out of the experience with your mind racing, thinking about all the possibilities.

This is only the beginning.

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